Product Certification

The ceramic that we offer is a stoneware product. It can be used in your oven or in a microwave and also is dishwasher save. It can not however be placed directly from the oven on the cold stone surface, it will - as all kind of pottery – crack.

The paints that are used in our pottery are lead and cadmium free. We have collected some certificates that state about product safety.

   2016-06-12 Deklaracja zgodności (polish)

   2010-06-15 Orzeczenie o jakości zdrowotnej wyrobu do kontaktu z żywnością (polish)

   2010-06-15 Orzeczenie o jakości zdrowotnej wyrobu do kontaktu z żywnością (polish)

   2006-10-04 Analyzeattest (danish)