Ceramika Artystyczna

Bunzlau ceramics were produced since the Middle Ages, and flourished in the 18th century with the introduction of a new method of decoration, brown glaze with white patterns, which made the ceramics from Bunzlau (today Bolesławiec) very popular. The introduction of stamp ornaments on a white background increased the popularity of the ceramics.

At the end of 19th century a ceramic school was founded and the tradition of Paul & Sohn pottery is continued by Ceramika Artystyczna, which has been in operation since 1950. This factory is known for having the highest quality and the most interesting patterns. It also has the most extensive assortment of the designs. Almost 600 forms and 2500 ornamental patterns can be ordered from the factory, and the products are collected by purchasers worldwide. The pottery is decorated by hand with the traditional stamp method in which tiny patterns are painted on the pieces with special sponge and paint brushes. The glazes and paints that are used are environment friendly, and do not contain cadmium or lead. The pieces are perfect for serving and for heating and roasting, being both microwave and oven save. Bolesławiec stoneware is ovenproof, acid proof and waterproof.

The factory has won awards at national competitions such as Teraz Polska – Warsaw 1993, Gold Star – Madrid 1996, Excellent Polish Exporter – Warsaw 1999, The most exquisite wedding table – Ambiente fair 1999 Frankfurt am Main, Eurolider 1999 – Warsaw 2000, Ultimate Quality – New York 2000. The craft co-operative exports 90% of its products to 25 countries worldwide nearly 50% of which are sold in the American market. Actor Robert Redford and the Sundance catalogue offer ceramics from the factory.

The workers are members of the factory’s co-operative and the plenum decide about the plans and the future. The new designs and the possibility of renewing the old patterns are the best guarantee of continuity, quality and outstanding artistic value.

Be carefull when heating up in microwaves and roasting dishes in the oven. It can not however be placed directly from the oven on the cold stone surface, otherwise it will - as all kind of pottery – crack.